Can I Relocate My Hot Tub if I Move House?

You’ve bought a wonderful new hot tub and you’ve spent countless happy times relaxing in your garden. You remember it being a nightmare to get into the garden, with the company using a crane to get it from lorry to patio. Fast forward and you are now moving to a new house. The panic sets in when you realise you need to take your hot tub with you. There is no way it is fitting through the back door and there is no other garden entrance big enough. Will I need to hire a crane? Do I leave my hot tub behind?

Moving house does not mean doom and gloom for your hot tub. You don’t leave a cumbersome sofa or giant wooden wardrobe behind do you? You got the hot tub in so it can certainly come out and be relocated at your new address hassle-free.

Moving Your Hot Tub

Any hot tub transport company will be able to carefully get your hot tub from A to B. They will be able to notice any power lines, pipework, cables, central heating flues, or poor access points that could be an issue. The individuals moving your hot tub will be experts and they are accustomed to having a variety of plans to get your hot tub to your new home. So, if plan A, B, and C aren’t achievable, they will always have plans D, E, and F.

Understandably hard, flat ground is easiest when moving a hot tub. However, grass and steps can easily be adapted by laying boards or ramps down so that a removal hot tub dolly (essentially a hot tub trolley) can be used. If access allows most removal teams will turn your hot tub on its side and safely fix it to a hot tub dolly. This means it can then be wheeled through gates or alleyways if they are wide enough. You should make sure this is the case at your new address too or get the team to assess beforehand.

If a crane was used to get your hot tub into your garden, chances are it will need to be used to get it back out again. Most hot tub removal teams have a crane and a crane operator to facilitate this. If your new address has unsuitable access, they can utilise the crane at the new property too.

To assist your hot tub removals team beforehand it can be handy to make them aware of the following:

  • Gates, arches, low roofs
  • Overhanging or low hanging trees and branches
  • Hanging cables, taps, drainpipes, heating flues
  • Alleyways, tight corners, narrow access points
  • Power lines, lamp posts, and large trees

Hot tub movers near me

Get in touch with Hot Tub Barn today to discuss your hot tub relocation needs. We have been transporting and installing hot tubs all over the UK since 1996, so we have had a few year’s practice. You can give the Hot Tub Barn head office a call on 01245 265036 to discuss your needs or locate contact information for your nearest branch.

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