Can Dogs Benefit from Water Activities?

Can Dogs Benefit from Water Activities?

Whether cooling off on a hot summer day or taking a dip to stay fit, water activities are a hit with humans. But what about your canine friends? Most dogs are huge fans of water but are there any advantages to letting your furry friend take a soaking? Read the blog below to discover just how beneficial water is for dogs physically and mentally.

Water therapy for dogs

Whilst larking about in the sea or a lake is good fun for dogs, water in a more controlled setting can have fantastic health benefits for man’s best friend. Hydrotherapy is offered to dogs for both preventative and recovery reasons. From a precautionary perspective hydrotherapy is great doggie fitness aerobic exercise with minimal impact on bones and joints to help your dog stay in shape. 

Water therapy is also used help dogs recover following an injury or surgery. Hydrotherapy can be used as a form of rehabilitation to help dogs begin to build up strength and move more comfortably.

At Hot Tub Barn we offer a dog hydrotherapy pool. The DoggySwim range is purpose built as a collection of hydrotherapy pools for dogs. There a variety of different pool sizes available and the water temperature and jet strength can be adjusted in each so that the dog using the pool is completely comfortable whilst exercising.

Stress-relief and mental stimulation

It’s not just the physical elements of being in water that are beneficial to our canine compadres. Swimming can improve the mental wellbeing of our dogs as it is something they don’t get to experience every day. Even just a paddling pool filled with floating objects and treats is a great puzzle for your dog as they try to retrieve the items.

A mentally stimulated dog is a happy dog. Not only this, but they will sleep better at night due to all the enrichment they have experience in the water during the day.

Keep your dog safe

Water is fantastic for dogs in any capacity. However, even the shallowest of pools can be dangerous to our beloved pets. Whether using a pool at home, having hydrotherapy, or out and about at a beach or lake, always remain assertive. There is no harm in keeping your pet on a lead so that you can ensure they’re within a safe distance of you around water. Alternatively, there are a number of canine life vests on the market which are particularly helpful for shorter dogs that may find it a little harder to float naturally. Never leave your dog unsupervised or lose sight on them when in or around water and make sure there’s always an easy exit point for them.

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