Hot Tub Accessories

5 Hot Tub Accessories You Need for Your Spa

Accessories are often supplementary to your hot tub but they can help increase usability and longevity of your spa. Whilst we understand that underwater disco lights and floating drinks holders certainly give your hot tub cool points, there are other accessories that are far more beneficial from a practical standpoint. In this blog we will highlight five of our favourite spa accessories.

Hot tub booster seat

If you have little ones that like to have splash in your hot tub then a booster seat could be the perfect addition. The nifty booster seats come with suction cups to fix to a seat in the hot tub, allowing your little one to enjoy without being submerged too deeply. The seat itself is made from a heavy-duty heat resistant material and can be filled with a garden hose before being inserted into your hot tub. Parents who are often used to having their children sit on their laps whilst using the hot tub will find this nifty device particularly handy!

Hot Tub booster seat

Cover lifter

Hot tub covers can be cumbersome and a pain to lift if you’re on your own. Fortunately there are cover lifters available to help make the job much easier. Once fitted a cover lifter will allow you to easily access your hot tub without any serious pulling – you will just need some clearance space behind your spa to allow for the cover when in use. Cover lifters can also help maintain your cover by reducing wear and tear.

Hot tub fitness

More and more people are working out at home and there is no reason why you cannot adapt your hot tub to use for fitness. Resistance band rowing kits are easy to store and install when required. Simply fit the apparatus, get comfortable in the warm water of your swim spa and have a great upper body and abdominal workout. Even better, if somebody wants to join you to relax there is plenty of room still available.

Similarly, a pool bike could be the answer. Get in a great workout by inserting a pool exercise bike into your hot tub. They are a great tool to increase strength and endurance whilst testing your cardiovascular fitness.

Waterproof headphones

What better way to relax than laying back in your hot tub listening to your favourite music or podcast. Waterproof headphones are completely submersible and can be used with a dry case to keep your electronic goods safe when using your spa.

Hot Tub vacuum

Whilst this may sound very mundane having a hot tub vacuum can be very useful between refills. Whilst skimming off leaves and other bits of debris is ideal, what about anything at the bottom of the hot tub? Hot tub vacuums are fitted to adjustable poles, allowing you to suck up any waste from the bottom of your spa without getting wet yourself. They are easy to use and do not require electricity. Simply slot together and go. 

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