A happy couple enjoying their new hot tub

Denise Van Outen Raves About Her New Hot Tub

Denise Van Outen recently gave OK! Magazine a tour of her house in Essex, which she shares with beau Eddie, whilst gushing over their romance and revealing how they have spent their time during lockdown. This includes relaxing in their brand-new hot tub from Hot Tub Barn.

She exclaimed “We’ve enjoyed a staycation summer so far. We had to cancel two holidays and one was quite expensive. We luckily got the money back and decided to spend it on a hot tub and enjoy the sunshine at home. We’ve called it Costa Del Chelmsford!”

Denise and Eddie visited Hot Tub Barn, pre-lockdown, in search of their dream hot tub. After having to cancel two luxury holidays they wanted to spend their reimbursed cash on a swanky bubble bath for the garden that they could enjoy whilst isolating at home with Denise’s daughter Betsy and Eddie’s daughter Leah.

Denise and her family finally got to enjoy the hot tub when it was delivered on 7th May. Since then she and boyfriend, Eddie have shared a series of snaps of themselves soaking up the sun in the tub saying how pleased they were with their new purchase. They even threw a lavish hot tub party for Leah’s 21st birthday.

The Starlight Eclipse Hot Tub

Making sure customers choose the right hot tub for them is our main priority here at Hot Tub Barn and this is why we paired Denise and Eddie with The Starlight Eclipse.

The extremely spacious six-person Eclipse spa is perfect for entertainers such as Denise. It has 56 adjustable jets and an ultra-comfortable lounger plus five other seats. For those that want to create an ambience the Eclipse’s water edge lights gently change colour, lulling you into a deep, restful state. It also comes with a built in Bluetooth music system ideal for chilled party vibes.

The fully insulated cover, ensures that the water temperature is maintained by the economical to run heater so the tub will be ready for you to jump in at any time.

In search of your dream hot tub? Check out our full range here or get in touch to find out more.

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