A Guide on How to Clean a Hot Tub

Step by Step Process on Cleaning a Hot Tub

Step 1: Clean the pipes

It’s important to clean your hot tub frequently to remove any dirt, bacteria, or build-up in the pipes. To do this you need to flush the pipelines before cleaning the interior of your tub. You can do this with pipe cleaner such as our hot tub system cleaner. By regularly running cleaner through the pipes, you can eliminate bacteria and gunk.

Step 2: Turn your hot tub off

Before doing anything else it’s vital that you turn off the hot tub at the isolator. Not doing so could damage the motor and filter mechanism. Therefore, ensure that it’s switched off at the fuse box.

Step 3: Drain the hot tub

Once the hot tub is turned off, you can begin to drain it. Make sure you follow the instructions that came with your hot tub. Generically, hot tubs have a drain valve either on the bottom of or just inside the cabinet. Alternatively, you can use a sump pump.

Step 4: Clean the surface

Remove any sediment or debris from the surface of the hot tub using a soft damp cloth. Next step you want to apply a hot tub surface cleaner, such as our Shine ‘n’ Protect Spray or Waterline Cleaning Spray. This will protect the acrylic, vinyl, and rubber from UV, moisture, and harsh chemical degradation. Ensure you scrub down your hot tub with a soft rag or sponge to avoid scratching the surface.

Be warned that household cleaning products can damage your hot tub shell and cause issues in water maintenance.

Once you have cleaned the inner shell of your hot tub, rinse it thoroughly ensuring you don’t leave any cleaner behind.

Step 5: Clean the filters

These are accessible through an access panel or cabinet located around your pump.

Start by spraying your filter with water, you can use your garden hose for this. Following this, scrub the inside of the filter with cabinet with the hot tub cleaner as this too can house bacteria and mould.

Then, soak the filter in an oil cutting solution such as our Cartridge Cleaner Concentrate for at least an hour.

After this you can reinstall your filter, this should be relatively easy, just slide the filters back in and press the covering panel back in place.

Step 6: Refill your hot tub

Adding water back into your hot tub isn’t as easy as it sounds and it’s best to refer to the manufacturers guide to see how best to do this as it could vary depending on the make and model of your pool.

You will need to add the water to the designated water line for your tub, running the water you are adding through the filter first.

Place the hose inside the filter housing unit. This will fill all internal pipework first to prevent any airlocks.

Step 7: Turn your hot tub back on

Once the tub is full again you can restore power. Allow the hot tub to run for a few minutes and listen to see if there could be any issues with the pump or filters.

For more information on how to clean different areas of your hot tub, or how to replace certain elements see our how-to videos.

Looking after your hot tub can be hard work and time-consuming as it needs regular cleaning and servicing. Our expert team can help keep your swim spa or hot tub clean all year round with spa servicing.

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