How To Clean the Inside of Your Hot Tub Effectively?

How To Clean the Inside of Your Hot Tub Effectively?

Cleaning your hot tub should be seen as part of its general maintenance. Care for your hot tub and it will last for an eternity.

We understand that cleaning isn’t at the top of everyone’s favourite things to do but prolonging its lifespan and keeping it hygienic for yourself and guests is paramount.

Below, we reveal our top tips to keep your hot tub clean and safe for use.

How often should I clean my hot tub?

To keep your hot tub in the best possible condition we recommend having it serviced once a year. Every three months you should aim to drain and refill your hot tub, making sure to clean the pipes and the interior.

More general tasks include cleaning the hot tub’s filter, checking the pH levels and shock dosing the water. Typically, this should be carried out weekly. Little things you can do once you’ve had a dip is clean any scum lines, keep an eye on the pH and remove any debris floating in the water.

How can I clean my hot tub shell?

During the times you have drained your hot tub, it is the chance to give the interior (sometimes called the shell) a thorough clean. Dirt, sediment, and debris can settle at the bottom of your hot tub and this can be damaging long-term. Once your hot tub is drained take a damp cloth and scoop out as much general dirt as possible. If there are more stubborn marks you can use a special hot tub cleaning product and a tub scrubber. This means you can get rid of any area of dirt without damaging the shell or using inappropriate harsh cleaning products. You should never use any household cleaning products as they can not only cause damage to your hot tub but also contaminate the new water you fill the hot tub with.

Once your hot tub is cleaned and you have carried out any of activities, you can refill it. Remember, never turn your hot tub back on until the water level is back up to the fill line. Filling your hot tub is easy, just attach a garden hose to the filter housing unit – this will prevent any airlocks.  

Is bleach okay to clean my hot tub?

We do not recommend using bleach to clean your hot tub. Bleach not only can damage your hot tub but also interfere with the pH balance of the hot tub water. You may also notice that the water has a peculiar smell when refilled and, in some cases, your skin and eyes could become irritated.

Is vinegar okay to clean my hot tub with?

The internet is full of quirky cleaning tips and tricks. Whilst vinegar is useful for cleaning some products in the home it certainly should not be used to clean your hot tub. Hot Tub Barn always recommends using hot tub specific cleaning products.

Vinegar, like bleach, can upset the pH balance of the water once your hot tub is refilled. 

For more information on hot tub cleaning and maintenance check out our handy how to guides.

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