Are Chlorine Granules or Chlorine Tablets Best for my Hot Tub?

Are Chlorine Granules or Chlorine Tablets Best for my Hot Tub?

Chlorine is used in hot tubs to kill bacteria. You know that distinctive smell when you go for a swim at your local leisure centre? That is chlorine. It is keeping the water clean for everyone to use and the same idea applies to your hot tub.

When it comes to sanitising your hot tub with chlorine there are two ways to do so; using chlorine tablets or chlorine granules. Chlorine granules can be poured straight into your hot tub’s water whereas chlorine tablets need to float in a dispenser or feeder.

Deciding on which method to go for is dependent on several factors, including cost, ease of use, bacteria control, and impact on users. This blog will highlight the pros and cons of both granules and tablets so you can decide.

Chlorine granules

When it comes to chlorine granules typical costs are around the £10 mark for 1kg worth of product. Using the product is straight forward too, simply adding as much or as little as you need to adjust the water chemistry. Many hot tub users prefer the flexibility and tailored approach that granules offer. Furthermore, some chlorine tablet users end up boosting their chlorine levels with granules when the tablets have not been enough.

Hot tub users should ensure their chlorine level is between 3-5ppm. If levels do not remain in this bracket, then bacteria can grow in the water and make it dangerous for users. Chlorine granules can be added easily to the water. However, if this task is forgotten than bacteria levels can rise. It is best to regularly monitor your hot tub if using chlorine granules.

In terms of PH chlorine granules are relatively neutral and will not affect the alkalinity levels of your hot tub water. Furthermore, because the granules dissolve quickly in the water there is no impact on bathers.

Chlorine tablets

Often sold as bromine tablets, chlorine tablets sometimes have a higher price point than chlorine granules, especially when you consider the need for a dispenser. However, it is typically not much more, and you tend to get a better deal the more you buy.

Chlorine tablets are very easy to use – pop them in a floating dispenser and leave it to bob around. Job done. However, one issue with tablets that some hot tub owners have is that it can be hard to boost chlorine levels with tablets as they are in set doses. As mentioned above, some tablet users end up boosting chlorine levels with granules. For a hands-off approach chlorine tablets certainly have their benefits.

Chlorine tablets are fantastic at killing bacteria and making your hot tub safe. An upside of tablets is they dissolve over a period of time, meaning you have a constant supply of chlorine caring for the water. However, this has its own risks as not enough chlorine could be dissolving into the water as needed.

Impact on bathers is a consideration you will need to make when trying to decide between granules and tablets. Chlorine tablets are acidic which means when they are dissolving in your hot tub, they are influencing the PH and alkalinity levels. Poor water chemistry can cause irritation to the skin and eyes of bathers. Furthermore, if the dispenser is not removed before use and bathers tamper with the tablets, they can be harmful.

However, whether using granules or tablets, it should be remembered that any hot tub can be easily maintained with either method if the correct level of care is taken to ensure the water chemistry is correct.

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