5 Common Hot Tub Issues Easily Fixed

5 Common Hot Tub Issues Easily Fixed

When something goes wrong with your hot tub you may instantly think it will cost a fortune. However, most common hot tub issues are easy to figure out and fix. If not, there is always a professional who can lend you a helping hand. Below we outline five of the most common hot tub issues and the best course of action to rectify the situation.

My hot tub is freezing cold

Don’t panic! Cold hot tub water is more common than you may think and can usually be easily resolved. If you’ve just refilled your hot tub, chances are there could be an air lock. This means air is trapped in the plumbing lines which means the water cannot flow. Get out your hot tub’s manual, there will be instructions on how to use the control panel and jets to quickly fix an air lock.

If this isn’t the issue check the water level, try a new filter, or have a look for any clogs in your system. These are the most common issues and least expensive to rectify.

Worst case scenario – a faulty heating element. Unless you know what you’re doing this will likely need a professional to remove and check the heating element. It may need to be replaced.

Loud pump noises

If you hear banging or hammering noises from your hot tub this is likely related to the pump. Pumps can malfunction from time to time due to worn out bearings or broken seals. Maintaining your hot tub religiously means you will spot any potential issues of this nature before the pump gets to this level. You may be lucky and an inexpensive solution can be found, but in some circumstances an entire new pump may be required.

Itchy eyes and irritated skin

If your skin or eyes are being affected when using your hot tub stop using it immediately. This is an indicator that the water chemistry is off. Chlorine can be a common culprit for this issue as build up can occur when it reacts with oils, urine, and swear. It could also mean that the entire PH balance of your hot tub is wrong and an alkalinity reducer may be needed to help restore the perfect PH.

Incorrect water chemistry can also cause issues with your hot tub itself. Damage for an increased built up of calcium and scale can clog your jets or cause your pump to seize. Make sure to regularly monitor the PH levels of your hot tub water to ensure you are safe.

My jets don’t seem to be working

When using your hot tub the jets deliver serious power and they are one of the hardest working elements. If your jets are weak or not working at all, look beyond them as it is likely a pump issue that is affecting them. As we have discussed previously your hot tub may have an airlock, meaning little to no water is able to pass through the jets.

Water flow can also be affected by filter complications. Clogged filters will need to be cleaned or replaced to bring water flow back to normal and allow the jets to function as they should.

My hot tub is displaying error codes

From time to time your hot tub may display error codes on the control panel screen. These are a great indicator that something is wrong that you may not see or hear of your own accord. All these strange codes may feel like your hot tub is speaking in a different language but every code will be detailed in the user manual. You will be able to find the code and an explanation to what the issue is. Don’t ignore any error codes as you could do some serious damage to your hot tub.

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