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We celebrate our 20th Anniversary

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Where it all started …. In 1996 after a 3 month motorcycle tour of America Huw and Sarah Chivers returned to Chelmsford to open one of the UK’s very first Hot Tub shops. The first address was in Rivermead Industrial Estate, just behind the Anglia Ruskin university.

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The business soon flourished and in September 1997 moved to its current location in Robjohns Road, Chelmsford.  Initially the business was called American Dream Spas, but with the invention of the internet it soon became apparent that a search for ‘spas’ took you to a hotel or resort and that what we should be known for is ‘Hot Tubs’, so we changed our name then to “Hotspring  Hot Tubs” and in 2008 to position our business better for internet searches  to ”Hot Tub Barn”. Since 1996 we have sold over 14’000 hot tubs and swim spas and our colourful delivery trucks are an everyday sight throughout Essex.

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In March 2000, during the Ideal Home Show we were approached by a company called Endamol to supply a hot tub to a film set in Bow London, it all sounded barmy to us that they were going to fill the house with everyday people and we could all watch them on TV, well that was not going to work was it!  Well every morning at 4.30 am I had to travel down to Bow to be escorted into the famous Big Brother house to sanitize the hot tub before the house guests woke up, I was glad after a month of early mornings for the show to end, but WOW our business took off and we went from selling 150 hot tubs a year to 900 units in 2000 alone.


In 2002 I was asked by a BBC producer to supply a hot tub to Blue Peter, it was a dream come true to put the hot tub in the famous Blue Peter garden from where they presented the whole episode in the spa and for me to be on set at watch from behind the cameras.


Today hot tubs are an important part of people’s lives, for many they are a way to relax and socialise, for others they are a release from pain or a way to reduce cholesterol and even reduce weight. We have customers we sold to 20 years ago who still come in for a chat and to buy their chemicals and their hot tubs are still performing  well.



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