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Wayne's Helpful Hot Tub Tips - March 2014

by Wayne Hitchcock

Waynes Helpful Hot Tub Tips

In the latest instalment of Wayne's Helpful Hot Tub Tips, service manager Wayne Hitchcock helps us prevent damage whilst securing our spas, and portable water softening.

Spa Hold Down Straps

Secure your hot tub lid securely with storm hold-down straps

Make sure you’re hot tub lid is secure in stormy weather with our hold-down straps. These durable straps can prevent the loss or damage of your hot tub lid and damage to the hot tub shell and internal workings. As a further bonus they improve the security of any hot tub which is accessible to younger family members.

Locking Straps Up CloseOur Spa Lid Hold-Down Straps are available now from Hot Tub Barn showrooms or at for only £22.99 + P&P.

Portable Water Softener

New portable water softener for hot tubs and pools by HotSpring

For hot tub and pool owners who suffer from hard water we introduce the new portable water softener by HotSpring.

Hooked up with your water supply, this user-friendly softener prevents hard water, reduces scale and build-up, can increase the lifespan of your hot tub or pool and will also improve rough dry skin.

Simply add 1 box of common table salt and in less than 15 minutes will provide the owner with soft water up to 20 days. It requires no tools or electricity and with its compact design is easy to store.

The water softener includes hardness test strips, storage inlet/outlet caps, handle, inlet hi-flow shut off valve, inlet and outlet hose adapters, back-flush adapter, high pressure 4’ white drinking hose and a full cradle base for a very secure and stable setting.

The 8000 model is suitable for standard size hot tubs, the 16000 model is suitable for larger hot tubs and pools.

HotSpring Soft Water 8000 Water Softener £280.00 HotSpring Soft Water 16000 Water Softener £380.00

Available now from Hot Tub Barn showrooms or at  

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