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Wayne's Helpful Hot Tub Tips

by Wayne Hitchcock

In this edition of Wayne's Helpful Hot Tub Tips, find out how to soften hard water to protect your spa,  why you should replace the ozone one-way check valve, and what to do with spent silver ions. Read on!

Make your hot tub water softer with the calcium removal bag

If you suffer with hard water Hot Tub Barn now have the answer: the Vanishing Act calcium removal bag!

When you refill your hot tub, simply place over the bottom drain (where the ozone comes up). One bag will remove all the calcium hardness from your hot tub water and will help prolong the life of its components, and keep the water feeling lovely and soft. Available now from Hot Tub Barn showrooms or online.

Replacement Ozone One Way Check Valve - avoid water draining during a power loss

Over time the check valve on the ozonator in your hot tub can begin to break down under the harsh conditions of ozone. The purpose of the check valve is to prevent water from draining out of your spa through the ozonator in the event that your spa loses power. A power loss will stop the Silentflo 5000 from operating and therefore stop the suction (Venturi effect) at the injector. Since the ozonator is installed below the surface of the water, the only thing stopping the back flow of spa water through the ozonator is this check valve. We recommend the check valve be replaced every couple of years. Easy to self-fit. In-store and Internet price: £13.56 + P&P. Online serial number: 1044101.

Old silver ions must be removed

Hotspring silver ions act as a bio stat to stop bacteria from multiplying. They are designed to be replaced every 4 months during your 4-monthly water changes - silver ions over 4 months old no longer have any silver left in them to release into the water.

If you do not replace them, you run the risk of expensive damage to your hot tub’s components. Recently a customer had to pay a call-outcharge and replace her circulation pump because the silver ions cartridge disintegrated. Another customer had flow problems because the silver ions were so old they blocked her water flow.

Always keep your silver ions up to date. Buy 3 packs (1 year’s supply) for £68.95 + P&P.

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