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Simon Mayo speaks to Martyn Gent - BBC Radio 2

by Huw Chivers

After receiving a call the previous week from a listener who was intending to spend Christmas in the hot tub, BBC Radio 2 presenter Simon Mayo contacted Hot Tub Barn's Martyn Gent and invited him to speak on air about the topic. In a thoroughly entertaining chat, Martyn discusses the joys of cold weather hot tub use, talks a little about spa care, and opens Simon Mayo's eyes to the wonders of the modern Swim Spa.

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Martyn Gent on Simon Mayo Drivetime, BBC Radio 2 (3/1/2012)


SM: On the last All Request Friday of last year, I'm not expecting you to remember this, we had a call from Helen. She was planning to spend Christmas Day in a hot tub tub along with the rest of the family and a nice glass of a champagne, apparently, which seemed rather fool hardy to most of us what with all the inclement weather and everything, but anyway, what do we know? Martyn Gent can help us out! You know him, he's from Hot Tub Barn! Hello Martin!

HTB: Hello Simon!

SM: You get many people who spend Christmas day in their hot tub? Would that strike you as a strange thing to do?

HTB: I don't think so, I think Hot Tubs are better in cold weather. I know this Christmas wasn't that cold, but, quite certainly, if it were me, I prefer to sit out in the hot tub when the weather is a bit cooler.

SM: And how long would you spend? What's a decent amount of time to, you know, enjoy the benefits?

HTB: Approximately half an hour is a good time, I mean, I know I have cusomers that sit in their hot tub for two or three hours at a time, and drink champange, or beer, or party it up, but a hot tub is a lot more than just a party tool.

SM: So what's the origin of this, because they have to be outdoors dont they?

HTB: Well they do, I mean some people of course will place them in a building outside, if they are overlooked, or if they're placing htem at the end of a garden and they dont want such a long walk in the cold weather, but you know, I personally like them outside, very close tot the back door, a short hop, and a short hop back after you've finished..

SM: It's like your own personal spa i mean, is that where they came from?

HTB: Absolutely, well spa of course is a roman term, I think its a roman term, but i was asked earlier by your researcher where hot tub comes from, and i did a little bit of research, and we think that's an american term, it certainly just means round, wooden, hot soapy tub outside.

SM: (laughs)

SM: That's what you ought to have called yourselves, never mind Hot Tub Barn, just call yourself Round Wooden Soapy Tub Outside, Barn!

HTB: Well, I wouldn't recommend putting soap in your hot tub! (laughs)

SM: No, ok, well what are the rules then? Explain how they work then, Martyn..

HTB: Well, you need a good filtration on a hot tub, because, of course, you're going to be getting in and out of hot water, and you're basically keeping bath water for four months, so you have to sanitise your water.. normally chlorine, bromine or now, with our particular product, I'm in danger in mentioning our product, which i probably will do, we sell HotSpring hot tubs, but we now have a salt sanitising system. But you must, of course, stay on top of that, test the water regularly, because you're going to be keeping that water, as I say, for four months.

SM: So, its basically like a Jacuzzi isnt it.. because they.. you have jets..

HTB: That's, of course, a brand name..

SM:Well, you just mentioned one, so I thought I'd join in!

HTB: (laughs)

HTB: Jacuzzi actually only made hot tubs in the last 10 years, I think you'll find, whereas a lot of manufacturers have been (for) certianly 30 years or more.

SM: So, I would imagine that they're very sort of eco unfriendly, really, because if the whole idea is to keep them warm all the time, that's a lot of wasted energy isn't it?

HTB: Well, it's very important, again, that there are different types of quality hot tub on the market, it's very important that you look for good insulation. If they're well insulated, they should hold the heat in, not only when the lid is up and you're using them, but of course, when the lid is down you don't want heat escaping, so look for a bonafide manufacturer. Lots of pepole do their research online now, so it's very important to get those things right.

SM: How much would one cost me, Martyn?

HTB: It depends what one you're after. If you're looking for a nice big one in the the premium range, well, you could spend as much as £30,000 on one because now, of course, there is a move towards Exercise Pool hot tubs, too, which is, I think, going to be the new thing.

SM: That's called a swimming pool, Mart..

HTB: Well it is, but there area hybrid versions now where you swim against a counter current of jets..

SM: (blimey)

HTB: We have one in the showroom here that's going to be used for testing, too. The main thing to do is to find a decent dealer and get yourself down for a test. Decide the size of hot tub that you can fit into the garden, and then make sure that you have good access to get the hot tub in.

SM: Martyn, very intesresting, thank you very much indeed, appreciate your time.

HTB: You're more than welcome.

Simon Mayo Drivetime, 03/03/2012

BBC Radio 2

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