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The rain is falling, but we're still installing!

by Neil Hart

The weather in most parts of the UK may well have taken a turn for the autumnal this weekend, but for our intrepid installation engineers, it was business as usual as they delivered a Riptide Titan swim spa to a customer yesterday.

The feedback

We received this email and the attached photographs yesterday evening:-

FROM: Steve Hider TO: Martyn Gent, Huw Chivers DATE: Fri, 11 Oct 2013 17:33:41 +0100

Thank you very much the fitters installing are a credit to your company they have done a really good job and the weather conditions were appalling today and they haven't stopped they have only just left.

Once again many thanks.

Steve Hider

The Install

Job done!

This would've been a fairly tricky one under normal circumstances, with the pool being craned over houses, but was made much more difficult by the high winds and lashing rain.

Fortunately, our installation and crane teams have a wealth of experience delivering in these conditions, so everything went swimmingly.

Days like this perfectly encapsulate why you should rely on a crane team with proper insurance and plenty of experience.

Using a one man band, cash-in-hand operation to tackle this one doesn't even bear thinking about!

After a solid days work carrying out the delivery, the job was done, leaving Mr. Hider (and ourselves) delighted to see this brand new exercise pool nestled safely in its new home.

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