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  • Our Latest Photoshoot

    On Thursday 3rd August we carried out a new photoshoot with four hot tubs, one from each range, and four models, two girls and two boys. We wanted to show off our new products in context, although it is great for you all to see the technical parts of the spas and seeing how many seats there are, we want you to be able to see what it will look like when you and your partner or friends sit in it to have a drink and a catch up or just relax under the stars. We want you to be able to imagine yourself in their place. Continue reading

  • Blast From The Past - Huw Chivers In The Blue Peter Garden

    We were going through some drawers at Hot Tub Barn headquarters, and stumbled upon this set of photos, which have never seen the light of day! We thought we'd share them with you, and we're also hoping you can help solve a mystery.. Continue reading

  • Nine Homes With Hot Tubs You Could Be Living In

    If you would love a hot tub, but don't yet own your own home, have no fear - we've got your back. Our super sleuths have done some digging on popular property website Rightmove, and found these nine superb British homes available for immediate occupation. Continue reading

  • Spectacular hot tub photos from our gallery

    Regular visitors to the site may have never browsed our gallery, as it's often an area of the site that you only visit when you're in actually the market for a spa yourself. If that isĀ the case, you've been missing out on some of these wonderful hot tub photos taken by customers. Continue reading

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