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Our Latest Photoshoot

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On Thursday 3rd August we carried out a new photoshoot with four hot tubs, one from each range, and four models, two girls and two boys. We wanted to show off our new products in context, although it is great for you all to see the technical parts of the spas and seeing how many seats there are, we want you to be able to see what it will look like when you and your partner or friends sit in it to have a drink and a catch up or just relax under the stars. We want you to be able to imagine yourself in their place.

We worked with recent graduate photographer Rebecca Chivers (who happens to be writing this post to explain the process) to create the shoot. There were many meetings with Huw to discuss the type of models, the look of the photos and also how we wanted to position the hot tubs in the garden.

To find the models I (Rebecca, the photographer) put together some mood boards of how I planned the photos to look and the style of model that we were interested in working with. I used two model sites, one being a lot more successful than the other. Purple port is a great way of networking and finding models, MUA's, stylists and photographers, so if you are one of the above looking for someone to work with then head on over there and have a look.

As we were looking for both male and female models there was some fun in head office when choosing the male models. I would be looking through the different applications and if there was a model that I thought would be good, (I was looking for muscly/toned but not too much and someone who had lovely eyes and a nice smile) so whenever I found someone that I thought would work for the shoot all three ladies from accounts and one from service would crowd around my laptop and let me know their comments (I think we both know they just wanted to see some pretty faces).

After searching and chatting to different models I ended up choosing Cody, Amelia, Sam and Aaron. We also arranged to have a make-up artist come down and work with the models, we worked along side the lovely Kerri.


On the day we set up early preparing the lovely spread of food ready for lunch, got the kettle brewing ready for the caffeine to set the shoot off. Whilst Cody and Amelia had Kerri do their make up Huw and I set up the garden making sure the greenery around the spas looked good and made sure that the ladder I would be standing on top of wasn't too wobbly (spoiler alert, it got very wobbly throughout the day).

The models were very happy when they realised what they were going to actually be doing all day, a little bit of smiling, a little bit of pretending to be asleep, a little bit of cuddling next to their 'partner' and well being paid and getting free food. Kerri, Huw and I got the short end of the stick, standing out in the wind all day whilst they relaxed in the warm water.

Here are some of the behind the scenes photos that the models took throughout the day

20507380_1592722294132682_6445235491417917652_o 20507848_1592722347466010_4164645708349766965_o20545635_1592722320799346_3927701963289560823_o


I then spent the next few days editing the photos, after taking over 1,500 photos the editing process took a little longer than planned. I also bought a graphics tablet to help with the editing process and if you are a creative and do a lot of detail work on your computer I highly highly recommend!!

Anyway, enough of my babbling. Here are a selection of some of the photos from the shoot for you to browse through. There are also some photos spread amongst the products on the website so have a little look. Also if you want to check out some more of my photography work then head over too

(click on them to bring up a larger photo)

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