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Hot Tub Britain Makes Spas The Hot Topic

by admin

Hot Tub Britain ITVThe national press has seen a veritable flurry of hot tub related articles this past week, in preparation for the premiere of new fly-on-the-wall documentary "Hot Tub Britain".

Hot Tub Britain follows the fortunes of Blackpool based spa firm Bluewave as they tackle a busy summer season selling and installing spas for customers from the Hot Tub Superstore. The show debuted at 9pm on Tuesday 9th Sept on ITV, and we tuned in with the rest of the nation!

As with any documentary like this, we were subjected to both the ups and downs of running a busy spa dealership, as well as meeting some of dedicated hot tub hydrotherapy evangelists who love their spas like family members.

Hotly Debated

The ITV show has been a well discussed topic in the national press this week. The Daily Mail reported that hot tubs are "becoming a middle-class must have", as according to Executive Producer of Hot Tub Britain, Sally Evans, one in ten households now have a hot tub at home in the UK.

In the strange, busy and often hostile world of the Daily Mail's online comments section, the perennial worriers of this strange corner of the web always rear their heads when hot tubs hit the headlines, but despite British Tax Payer's concern that operating a spa is "like having your kettle boiling all day", all of us running well-insulated, efficiently heated spas are content to be spending around £20-30 per month.

Incidentally, another Daily Mail commenter, Sarah Egerton from Cardiff, may well have had friends whose spa caused anybody using it to break out "in skin rashes and boils", but this says more about their friends willingness to expend some effort on water chemistry than the safety of using a well-maintained hot tub.

Money Talks

The Daily Mail's sister publication This is Money took a different approach to reporting on the show, with a more sensible piece about running costs, and the potential effect of a hot tub on property values. Whilst the cynic might suggest the article was possibly written around interview content left over from the main Daily Mail piece, it does give a reasonable overview, with some bonus insight from property agent Henry Sherwood to boot.

Tune In!

The programme was Reveal Magazine's Tuesday TV Pick, and Producer Sally Evans hopes Hot Tub Britain "gives viewers a quirky and fascinating snapshot of British life today". This is exactly why we were watching. It made for great television whether you love 'em or hate 'em, and was extra interesting for us spa owners, dealers, service technicians and enthusiasts!

If you missed it you can watch Hot Tub Britain on ITV Player for the next 30 days. Enjoy!

Update: The Daily Mail's Christopher Stevens has published his thoughts on the show.

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