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  • Winner's Story: Cupid Sold Me A Hot Tub

    Competition winner Grant GoddardTo tell you the truth, I'd never given a thought to owning a hot tub but loved the idea of winning one for Valentine's weekend. This is why I decided to enter the competition on Hot Tub Barn's website.

    All I had to do was count the number of ducks in the hot tub in the photograph. What I realised, after counting 100-odd, was that the longer I looked at them the more they seemed to reproduce until I was left quite goggle-eyed. It became apparent that it wasn't going to be a walk in the park to win this but, for the sake of romance, I persevered.

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  • Valentine's Competition Winner!

    IMG_2443Today was just a little more exciting than usual, as it saw the winners of our Valentine's "How Many Ducks?" competition receive their prize. The competition, held here on the Hot Tub Barn website, involved guessing how many ducks there were in the image provided. Continue reading

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