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Huw Chivers is Managing Director of Hot Tub Barn Ltd. Huw has has been one of the driving forces in the UK wet leisure industry since he first began importing HotSpring hot tubs in 1996. He is also Managing Director of Riptide Pools Ltd, and is responsible for the design, manufacture and distribution of Riptide and Rapid River swim spas. With such a high level of expertise in spa care and water care, Huw's advice is invaluable, and we are pleased to include his content here on the site.

  • Hosepipe Ban: Hot tubs and spas - where do we stand?

    The recent press release on behalf of the water industry is WRONG!

    DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) are responsible for water policies in the UK, and not the water companies. Lets break things down and see where hot tub and swim spa owners stand when it comes to hosepipe bans. Continue reading

  • Simon Mayo speaks to Martyn Gent - BBC Radio 2

    After receiving a call the previous week from a listener who was intending to spend Christmas in the hot tub, BBC Radio 2 presenter Simon Mayo contacted Hot Tub Barn's Martyn Gent and invited him to speak on air about the topic. In a thoroughly entertaining chat, Martyn discusses the joys of cold weather hot tub use, talks a little about spa care, and opens Simon Mayo's eyes to the wonders of the modern Swim Spa. Continue reading

  • 2008 Charity Hot Tub Auction

    In July, we held a charity auction at our Chelmsford showroom, to raise money for The Honey Lock Fund. This fund was set up to help donate a Hot Tub for a little girl, Honey Lock, who has Cerebral Palsy. Continue reading

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