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Monthly Archives: September 2013

  • Free Star Charts for Hot Tub Owners (and everybody else)

    Gazing up at the spellbinding night sky is traditionally one of the most romantic and thought-provoking ways to spend a summer's evening, and it almost goes without saying that doing so while reclining in the soothing warmth of a hot tub truly is one of life's finest pleasures.

    Wouldn't it be fantastic if you had some idea what it was you were looking up at, too? Continue reading

  • Wayne's Helpful Hot Tub Tips

    In this edition of Wayne's Helpful Hot Tub Tips, find out how to soften hard water to protect your spa,  why you should replace the ozone one-way check valve, and what to do with spent silver ions. Read on! Continue reading

  • Spectacular hot tub photos from our gallery

    Regular visitors to the site may have never browsed our gallery, as it's often an area of the site that you only visit when you're in actually the market for a spa yourself. If that is the case, you've been missing out on some of these wonderful hot tub photos taken by customers. Continue reading

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