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2008 Charity Hot Tub Auction

by Huw Chivers

In July, we held a charity auction at our Chelmsford showroom, to raise money for The Honey Lock Fund. This fund was set up to help donate a Hot Tub for a little girl, Honey Lock, who has Cerebral Palsy. Honey LockDue to the theraputic benefits for Honey, the most suitable hot tub for her needs was a HotSpring Sovereign, which at £8000 presented a challenging target to reach. Because of this, we matched every £1 raised at the auction with £1 ourselves.

Our 2008 Charity Hot Tub Auction

The auction attracted a crowd of over 150, who had arrived to bid on 18 part-exchanged hot tubs. The hope was to raise around £4000 from the auction, with starting bids from £1. With each sale the total and excitement level grew, until the final amount raised at auction reached to an amazing £6,417.

Honey Lock's father, when asked how he felt about the day's events, said "It's far beyond our expectations". The Lock's, including Honey, attented the auction from start to finish.

The total raised for Honey Lock was £11,022.09

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