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Swim Spas


Swim Spas are the professional athlete's choice when selecting a swimming pool, and can form an important part of the day-to-day fitness regime of anyone who wants to stay in good shape.

More compact than standard above ground swimming pools, swimming against the swim spa's powerful counter-current jets will give even the strongest swimmer an excellent work-out.

Great brands backed by reliable warranties

Rapid River and Riptide pools are award winning, best-in-class products - supplied and installed by a company which prides itself on its service network, after-sales care and overall customer experience.

Riptide Swim Spas
Rapid River Exercise Pool
DoggySwim Hydrotherapy for Dogs

All of our Swim Spas come with installation and a 5 year warranty, leaving you to only worry about which model suits you best. Find out more about our warranty coverage.

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  1. DoggySwim™  S290 Mk1 (Ex-Demo)

    DoggySwim™ S290 Mk1 (Ex-Demo)

    Regular Price: £7,898.00

    Special Price: £6,398.00

    Pay 30% Deposit - £1,919.40
    DoggySwim - as seen at Crufts 2014 Ex-demo DoggySwim which has been used for a photo shoot and video session. Learn More

  2. DoggySwim™  S290 Mk1

    DoggySwim™ S290 Mk1

    DoggySwim - as seen at Crufts 2014 DoggySwim™ is a dedicated canine exercise pool built to provide hydrotherapy for dogs. Learn More

  3. Riptide KiddySwim overview

    Riptide KiddySwim

    KiddySwim is a purpose built exercise pool for younger swimmers. Learn More

  4. Riptide Hydros

    Riptide Hydros

    WhatSpa Best Buy 2013 WinnerThe Riptide Hydros Swim Spa is a compact pool and spa combined in one affordable unit. Learn More

  5. Riptide Neptune

    Riptide Neptune

    The Riptide Neptune Swim Spa has more space than the Hydros, and is ideal for growing families and adults. Learn More

  6. Riptide Atlantis Freestyle

    Riptide Atlantis Freestyle

    A less expensive entry to ownership, the Freestyle includes everything but counter-currents, saving money, power and running costs. Learn More

  7. Riptide Atlantis

    Riptide Atlantis

    The Riptide Atlantis is a compact yet fully featured dedicated exercise pool. Learn More

  8. Riptide Nautilus Freestyle

    Riptide Nautilus Freestyle

    The Nautilus is a large, dedicated exercise pool, with a swim rod system in place of the counter-current jets. Learn More

  9. Riptide Titan

    Riptide Titan

    Riptide's Titan is big enough to sort the men from the boys, with 33% more power than normal swim spas. Learn More

  10. Riptide Nautilus

    Riptide Nautilus

    Riptide Nautilus WhatSpa Best Buy 2011 Award WinnerThe Riptide Nautilus STD Exercise Pool is our largest and most powerful exercise pool, and is in our opinion the ultimate home swimming pool for fitness. Learn More

  11. Riptide Atlantis Pro

    Riptide Atlantis Pro

    The Atlantis Pro is the range topping version of the Atlantis model. Learn More

  12. Riptide Poseidon

    Riptide Poseidon

    The Riptide Poseidon Swim Spa is a swimming spa and full specification hot tub combined. Learn More

  13. Riptide Manta

    Riptide Manta

    Four pump, four jet counter-current exercise pool with a luxurious spa end. Learn More

  14. Riptide Nautilus Pro

    Riptide Nautilus Pro

    Riptide Nautilus Pro WhatSpa Best Buy 2012 AwardThe Riptide Nautilus Pro features an incredibly powerful variable speed counter current which provides an outstanding experience for strong swimmers. Learn More

  15. Riptide Manta Pro

    Riptide Manta Pro

    A true swim and spa experience, with a fully featured hot tub end and the impressive Twin VSD jet system. Learn More

  16. Rapid River AquaPro (Reduced)

    Rapid River AquaPro (Reduced)

    Regular Price: £27,995.00

    Special Price: £25,495.00

    Pay 30% Deposit - £7,648.50
    The Rapid River AquaPro is a powerful, fully featured swimming machine, and now is your opportunity to own one at a huge saving. Learn More

  17. Riptide Nautilus Super Pro

    Riptide Nautilus Super Pro

    WhatSpa Best Buy 2013 WinnerThe Riptide Nautilus Super Pro features the Riptide Proflow pump for the ultimate swim experience. Learn More

  18. Riptide Manta Super Pro

    Riptide Manta Super Pro

    The Manta Super Pro is the most powerful combined swim and spa in the Riptide range. Learn More

  19. Riptide Rapid River

    Riptide Rapid River

    Introducing the ultimate exercise pool. With its incredibly powerful 10hp variable speed counter current and custom designed swim analysis system, the Rapid River, used on a regular basis, will enable swimmers to reach and maintain peak physical condition. Learn More

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Why a Swim Spa?

Swimming is one of the best methods of building your body's strength and muscle toning, and owning your own swim spa allows you to swim every day without the hassle and running costs of a large, traditional swimming pool, or the expense and effort of visiting a public pool or gym.

What makes your products the best?

Hot Tub Barn offer a wide range to suit every need, from small swimming pools with the lowest running costs, to exercise pool and hot tub combinations for the most active of families.

Powerful, variable counter-current jets

Our Swim Spas utilise speed variable jets, which give the strongest counter-currents of any exercise pool on sale today. With up to 3500 gallon/minute of powerful flow at their disposal, the powerful counter-current jets produce an impressive current to swim into.

Completely adjustable to suit your needs

Fully programmable using the control panel, the jets allow you to set your endless pool for your fitness and strength. The water temperature is thermostatically controllable, the adjustment enabling you to reach the right temperature for whatever you're using the pool for.

What about delivery and installation?

Exercise pools are easily installed in gardens, courtyards, terraces, and anywhere else that space could be limited - all whilst offering the same benefits a standard swimming pool can provide, plus much more! All swim spa prices shown include delivery and installation within 150 miles of our showrooms in Ashford (Kent), Knockholt (London) or Chelmsford (Essex).